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Confident Date is the leading date coaching company that helps you naturally connect, communicate and date who you desire without the fear of rejection

At Confident Date we believe that cheesy pick up lines do not work.  Instead we coach and teach you to be the best version of yourself so you can naturally connect to the who  you CHOOSE.  We show you how to up your attraction factor making it much MUCH easier to connect to whom you desire. We help you to grow more confident then you have EVER been, more assertive, and empowered. It is our mission to help you get the relationship you want whether for fun or forever. Our founder Dating and Confidence Coach Gina Daniels is passionate about helping singles become more confident, assertive and empowered. We will help you get the dating life you have always wanted.

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Gina Daniels is the one of the world’s leading Dating and Confidence coaches and she is passionate about helping  singles  become more confident, assertive and empowered . Gina believes that life is too short to live a mediocre and disempowered single life. After spending years being unconfident and believing that she was not good enough Gina made it her mission to overcome this state of mind, and has now made it her life purpose to help others to make the changes needed to live an empowered and confident life and be the chooser in their dating lives. She is dedicated to helping women  and men achieve greater success and happiness. Gina’s charismatic style, armed with a relaxed sense of humour and straight forward approach, will help you achieve the confident dating life you have always wanted.

" Gina Daniels is one of the top motivation, confidence and dating experts in the world. "


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Confident Date

9 Strategies to Claim Your Personal Power

Confident Date is a riveting, powerful, and ferocious call to claim your personal power. World-renowned Dating and Confidence coach Gina Daniels reveals the secrets to unstoppable confidence. Get what you really want without anything standing in your way. Be able to make your move!

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